The Open Call for Dakar Arts Festival - it is a scam

"Dakar Arts Festival "
November 1, 2010 To December 30, 2010
"International Dakar Arts Festival 2010"

Under the high patronage of the ministry of arts and culture, in partnership with the galleries arts of west Africa.. Dakar Arts Festival will host for the first time an international contemporary arts exhibition, starting from November 1,2010 To December 30,2010.
All arts gallerys ,Artists from all over the world are cordially invited.
Drawings, Painters, Prints makers, Photographers, Sculptors, Graphics, Designers, Digitals Ceramists.
- exposure)

for more information for your participation
BP:2256 Dakar Arts Festival
Dakar - Sénégal
Mariama Sy
+ 221- 77-743-63-51
+ 221- 76-743-63-51
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This is the generic mail sent by Mariama Sy after contacting her about the Dakar Arts Festival:

1 - We take only 02 to 12 artworks maximum for each artist .
2 -For the artists who come to Dakar for the Fair our residency for artists and the travel agency Senegal voyage insures their displacement and lodging you will also benefit from cheap rates for the exposing artists or amatory arts.
3 - it is the government of our country takes surroundings 50% of the expenses of the stays only for the artists exhibitors.
4 -if you want to send your artworks by post office we deal with the expenses of references and insurances of your works for all the time of "Dakar Arts Festival" in our country until restitution of your artworks .

Send us your Cv and all information, information of artworks that you want to present(Dimensions,prices,used technics,and the made year) after received thos informations we will submit your document to the high office of the Culture. We will give you an (PARTICIPATING DOCUMENT). Who is indispensable for sending your artworks and for make the insurances and waranties of your artworks for all the time of the festival in our country and also for make your reservations and benefit the 50 % of your travel costs if you will be present here .

Residency for artists:
for reserving your residency for artists and benefit 50% of the prices contact our residences: contact Mr Diallo

For travel agencies:
for your fly information and the entrance documents contact our travel agency: contact Ms Astou
Tel :+221-77-106-30-58


Article 1: The international Dakar Arts Festival , placed under the aegis of the Minister for the Culture and the Classified Historical heritance of the Republic of Senegal, is an international artistic event devoted to visual Arts African, foreign and Joining together, around various demonstrations, of the African and foreign artists, as well as professionals of the Contemporary art of all the continents........

Article 2: - To support and support the creativity, promotion, the diffusion, training and artistic education in Africa and in the remainder of the continents - To promote the artists African plastics technicians on the international scene - To support the integration of contemporary African Art on the international market of Art - To contribute to the development of the criticism of Art in Africa and the publications on Art and the artists African and foreign Contemporary.

Article 3: The Committee of Orientation whose members are named by the Minister for the Culture and the Classified Historical Inheritance has the role of conceiving and of defining the African western diagram, the evaluation and details of implementation of this fair of Contemporary African western Art. It guarantees professional credibility and ensures the control of conformity and the evaluation of the event. It is the center of legitimating of the orientations vis-a-vis to the various partners: artists, academics, intellectuals, Men of culture, economic and various operators professional of the world of Art. The general outline of fair, defined by the Committee of Orientation, is submitted to the Minister for the Culture and the Historical Inheritance Classified for approval. The members of the Committee of Orientation are selected according to their credibility and of their competence. The Committee is directed By a President. The mandate of the President and the members ends after the seminar organized for the evaluation of the fair. This mandate is renewable.

Article 4: The Secretariat-general is the realize of the fair of Contemporary west African Art. It has the load and the responsibility for Implementation the practical of the orientations approved by the Minister for the Culture and the Classified Historical Inheritance. It lays out for this purpose of various means placed at its disposal by the State of Senegal and its various partners. It is the Technique authority of human, material and financial stock management, as well as actors of the event, Equipment and sites. It is directed by a Secretary-general who is pressed on a Steering Committee placed under his Authority and of which it coordinates work.

Sincerely Mariama sy
Dakar Arts Festival 2010
Tel+221 76-743-63-51
+221 76-399-66-25
Bp 2256 Dakar Arts festival/ Dakar Senegal