An international art festival is organized for the first time in Dakar, capital of Senegal. An invitation for artists and galleries to participate is published on various art platforms. Besides that, artists also get personally invited to sent art-proposals there. The festival promises to be a big success and wants to showcase a wide spectrum of international contemporary art, ranging from drawings and paintings to sculptors, ceramics and even digital artworks. The festival is organized under the high patronange of the ministry of Art and Culture, Senegal in cooperation with several gallery platforms in West Africa.

Screenshots of the "Dakar Arts Festival" Open Call on various platforms
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Follow the "Re:Dakar Arts Festival" story and learn about the scam

The "Re: Dakar Arts Festival" tells the story about the swiss artist "Heidi Humpfburg" who prepares with enthusiasm for the Dakar Arts Festival 2010. After all Dakar is conciderd to be the hub of West African art and hosts a contemporary art biennale Dak'Art ( For Heidi it would be the first time to exhibit in Africa. Also her gallerist "Peter Irrthum" wants to join her to the festival for extending his network. The new secretary at "Galerie Irrthum" Toni v.d. Alm gets the job of organizing Heidi's and Peter's trips to Dakar. Tonis gets suspicious of the festival organizers when he is e-mail corresponding with them, therefore he starts to document their practice on his blog. Who are these festival organizers?

Investigate Heidi's, Peter's and Toni's stories, each of them has one or more social media reference points: check their wordpress blogs, see the artist Heidi's photo series on her flickr page, read their status updates on social media platforms or become friends with them on Facebook to unveil what the festival is really about.

Dakar Arts Festival trailer

Dakar Arts Festival Open Call Video

The text version of the Open Call